The respect for materials, technique and craftsmanship did not only lead to the design of the classic scrapwood cabinet. Over the years, a complete collection has emerged based on the same principles.

In 1990, Piet Hein Eek graduated from the Academy for Industrial Design (later Design Academy) in Eindhoven, with a cupboard made of scrapwood; the now famous Classic Cupboard in Scrapwood (the cupboard is in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). Eek’s principle is to create with what is available. Material, technique and craftsmanship are starting points for his designs. By using what the world has to offer as a starting point instead of putting the idea first, Eek is able to produce his designs for reasonable prices in Eindhoven despite high labour costs.


Handvouwlamp 3, 4, 5, 6 in steel, brass and copper. The design for the handfolded lamps came about when we accidentally bought a punching machine with a set of punching machine tools we wanted. Because we now had two punching machines and just one bending machine, we came up with several different lamp designs that could be punched and then folded by hand.

Led spot

LED Spot 1, 2, 4 in aluminum, brass and copper. When PIET HEIN EEK moved to our new location, they did not nearly have enough lights to illuminate our new showroom properly. These old halogen lights were also extremely energy-consuming, which was not feasible for such a large space.


The Ceramic One Mould Lamp can be used as multiple different lamps, all created from a single mould. You can set it down as a free-standing nightlight, mount it on the wall as an up or down lighter, mount it on a stand as a table lamp, or mount it on a long stand to use it as a floor lamp or reading lamp. The One Mould Lamps are finished with a white, green, black or yellow glaze.

Klein keramiek lampje

The design for the small ceramic lamp was extremely simple and obvious, but lead to a wide range of possibilities. You can hang it from the ceiling, mount it on a triangular stand to make a standing lamp, or mount it to the wall.


The line lamp is an elegant and minimalistic lamp in the shape of a thin stripe. You can hang it fairly low above a table as a practical and elegant lighting solution, or you can hang multiple higher up to create an interesting ambience.

Gezaagd glas kroonluchter

The chandelier is a beautiful example of modern design, with its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic.

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