DROOG is an anti-disciplinary, conceptual design company that since its formation in 1993 has been the epitome of Dutch design.

Droog Design is a concept design studio based in Amsterdam. They have a unique take on ordinary products, often giving them a surprising twist. Known products are the Milk Bottle lamp, the lamp made of milk bottles and the Strap, the quick-release straps for the wall. Droog Design stands for unique and individual products.In 2016, DROOG shifted its focus towards their cultural and social programs. To help them focus on their projects, we at VANMOKUM decided to continue the spirit of DROOG in the design, production and distribution of this iconic brand.

droog x lighting

Milk bottle

The Milk Single Bottle Lamp represents the individual version of the 12-piece design. Designed by Tejo Remy for Droog Design in the Netherlands, this 'chandelier' embodies the essence of minimalism and functionality in a single product. It seamlessly combines less and more into one cohesive creation: 12 sandblasted milk bottles, a socket, a cord, and a connector. Suspended from extended cables, these 12 bottles evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the classic milk crates from days gone by.

Sticky lamp

No more wrap rage. The hard plastic packaging, that is often hard to remove without getting frustrated, has become the lampshade.

Lampion Light One & Two

The traditional Chinese lantern made of paper is tweaked and modernised. This mouth blown glass lightbulb is a copy, that copies the copycat.

85 Lamps

Since the first production of the 85 Lamps in 1993 the world has changed tremendously. With the introduction of LED lamps the screw-in incandescent light bulb got replaced by a more environmental friendly opponent. As a respond to customers’ needs Droog decided to replace the old incandescent light bulbs into LED lighting. With this recent change the 85 Lamps has become a more eco-friendly and customer-friendly product without losing the character of the iconic chandelier, which was created almost 20years ago.

Clothes Hanger Lamp

By hanging the garment of your choice you create a personal lamp!

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