Beyond design Ay Illuminates aims to shape naturally existing structures, forms, and materials and hereby creating gorgeous handmade lighting.

For over fifteen years Ay Illuminate has been approaching lighting in an innovative way to shape and the usage of otherwise wasted materials. Ay Illuminates works with quality fabrics and skilled artisans throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Each product is handmade and unique with carefully selected material aiming to catalyst beauty through characteristic lighting. VANMOKUM works with Ay Illuminate and takes care of import and distribution.

ay illuminate x lighting

Pendant lamps

Ay Illuminate's pendant lamps are easily recognizable by their shape and material. The shape is reminiscent of a bucket and usually made of paper and bamboo. Each lamp is unique and will be a real eye-catcher whether it is off or on. The lamps are made of very high quality and offer atmosphere and cosiness.

Floor lamps

Ay Illuminate's floor lamps have a distinctive shape and are known for their use of natural materials. The shape of each lamp is unique and the use of natural materials like paper and bamboo gives it a natural feel. All floor lamps are made of very high quality and provide atmosphere and cosiness.

Table lamps

Ay Illuminate’s unique use of different natural shapes and material like paper and bamboo make them a wonderful addition to any surface. All lamps are made of very high quality material and provide a calm and loving atmosphere.

Would you like to see the ay-illuminate Collection featured in projects in hotels and restaurants around the world? Have a look at Our Projects

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